Thiourea extraction gold and silver process

When Jiabu La atmosphere of thiourea and a comparative test method was done, the two methods is treated with carbon-containing gold concentrate pyrite arsenic 500g, at 25 ℃, liquid to solid ratio of 2, using air as the oxidant (1L /min) and each of its optimal leaching parameters: thiourea me-----

Fan chute

Fan chute Term: Sector chute English: pinched sluice Interpretation: Also known as a sharp chute. The width of the trough is linearly contracted from the feeding end to the discharging end, and the discharge port is fan-shaped, so it is called. The inclination of the tank is 16°-20°. During-----

General rules for mine gas inspection

General rules for mine gas inspection (1) Establish a strict system for checking gas by patrol inspection chart. (2) The mine chief, the mine technician, the blaster, the captain of the mining area, the captain of the ventilation zone, the engineering and technical personnel, the squad leader, and-----