Drilling machine maintenance method

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First, class maintenance:

1 Wipe the outer surface of the drilling rig cleanly, and pay attention to the cleanliness and good lubrication of the rig base slide, vertical shaft and other surfaces.

2 Check that all exposed bolts, nuts, and safety pins are solid and reliable.

3 According to the lubrication requirements, add oil or grease.

4 Check the oil level of the gearbox, transfer case and hydraulic system tank.

5 Check the oil leaks in various places and handle them as appropriate. 6 Eliminate other failures that occur in this class.

Second, weekly maintenance:

1 Thoroughly perform the items required for class maintenance.

2 Remove the dirt and dirt from the chuck and kava tooth surfaces.

3 Clean the oil and mud on the inner surface of the brake.

4Troubleshooting that occurred during the week.

Third, the monthly maintenance:

1 Thoroughly carry out the required items for class and weekly maintenance. Valve inlet pump Industrial washing machine

2 Disassemble the chuck, clean the slips and the kava seats. If damaged, replace it in time.

3 Clean the oil tank filter and replace the dirty or dirty hydraulic oil.

4 Check the integrity of all major parts and components, and replace them in case of any damage. Do not work with injuries.

5 Completely eliminate the failures that occurred during the month.

6 If the drilling rig is not used for a long time, the exposed parts (especially the processing surface) should be coated with grease.

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