Energy consumption status and energy saving potential of compressed air systems

Energy consumption status and energy saving potential of compressed air system Cai Maolin Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics SMC Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Center, Beijing 100191 China's compressed air system energy saving prospects.

1. 16.8% of the preface alliance and 10.3% of Japan, and there is huge room for energy conservation. At the end of 2005, "Ten current, China's It standard coal production GDP is only 28.6% of the United States, Europe-15" plan for the first time in China to clearly determine the energy-saving target: "Eleventh five-year period" mat aging cracks are serious, see (a for cracking Pad).

Trouble-shooting: After replacing the elastic rubber gasket, turn on the machine, observe the operation of the unit, and the shaft failure disappears. The unit waveform is detected again, and the measured data is restored to normal, which is the time domain waveform and spectrum map after the unit is normal.

It can be seen from the example that comprehensive application of various fault diagnosis methods can accurately find out the real cause of the failure of the rotating equipment, not only has a guiding role for the equipment maintenance work, but also can improve the maintenance efficiency and effect, and even determine the success or failure of the maintenance. The role.

The energy consumption per 10,000 yuan of GDP fell from 1.22t of standard coal to 0.98t, and the average annual energy saving target was 4.4%. However, in 2006, only 1.23% was completed, and in 2007, it was 3.27%. The remaining three years of energy-saving pressure is very high. huge. In April 2008, the newly revised new energy conservation law was officially implemented, and resource conservation was set as the basic national policy of China. It can be said that China has entered a situation of comprehensively promoting energy conservation and emission reduction.

With this background, the total power consumption of the factory is 10% to 20% in industrial production, and some factories even up to 35% of the compressed air system will inevitably become the object of energy conservation work in China. The energy saving of compressed air system is becoming an important issue in China. 96% of the energy consumption of compressed air systems is the power consumption of industrial compressors. The power consumption of industrial compressors in China is 180 billion kW.h in 2006, up to 200 billion kW.h in 2007, accounting for 6% of the country's total electricity consumption. The GDP of China's industrial compressors is 1.6 times that of China. The amount is only 40 billion kWh. This shows that while adjusting the industrial economic structure, China needs to vigorously improve the energy efficiency of the compressed air system.

Second, the compressed air system energy-saving technical route compressed air use energy consumption E can be expressed as the integral of the pneumatic power.

P compressed air absolute pressure; Qa - volume flow rate converted to atmospheric state; t time.

Therefore, as shown, in the use of compressed air, the pressure and flow energy consumption are reduced. For example, c>.fc, if the pressure can be reduced from 0.7MPa to save compressor power consumption of at least 5.8%. Specific to the three major links in the compressed air system, the following energy-saving measures can be taken according to the flow shown.

Compressed air generation: reasonable configuration and operation of the compressor, pressure reduction of the supply pressure and optimization of the operation mode, and management of the state of the compressor and the air purification equipment.

Transmission of compressed air: daily inspection and minimization of leakage, improvement of pressure loss at joints, rationalization of pipe network node configuration, monitoring of gas consumption distribution and management of enthalpy.

The use of compressed air: the rationalization of pressure and flow in pneumatic conveying, the stop of gas supply when the machine is not working, the pressure supply of partial pressure, the improvement of the speed of the cylinder drive circuit and the mechanical engineering drive, and the minimization of the measurement pipeline.

Third, the main problems existing in the use of compressed air systems in China's enterprises. In the current compressed air system of pneumatic users in China, the energy waste is mainly manifested as large leakage, compressor configuration and operation only for pressure keeping, and the supply pressure is unreasonable. The air gun is inefficient, the equipment gas is wasted, and the cost of on-site workers is low.

In the case of leakage, the amount of leakage in the factory usually accounts for 10% to 30% of the gas supply, and the factory with poor management may even be as high as 50%. Sometimes there are 20,000 leaks in a car assembly shop, among which, leakage More than 90% of the amount comes from aging or damage to parts in use. What is particularly serious is that field managers have far underestimated the losses caused by the leak. For example, a 1mm diameter hole caused by a welding slag in a spot welding station of a car can cause up to about 3,525 kW "h of electric energy per year. Some domestic enterprises have begun to use the ECOSO series leak detector and leak point scanning gun to check for leaks. Blocking the leak has achieved some results. In addition, in order to effectively manage the on-site leakage, it is also an important choice to install the pipeline flow measurement management system for each workshop.

Proper configuration and proper operation of the compressor is very important to save electricity.

Usually, in order to make the output pressure fluctuation small, many compressors adopt an intake valve adjustment mode. In this way, if there is no air supply, it still needs to consume 70% of the rated power, and the waste is more serious. To this end, the introduction of variable frequency control, the use of ECOSO compressor group expert control system and other measures to save electricity is very effective.

These are basically ignored in the actual operation of the factory, ensuring that pressure is the only requirement for compressor management in most factories.

Because the pipeline pressure loss is uncertain, the equipment starts to have a peak flow, etc., the supply pressure of the compressor is sometimes 0.2~0.3MPa higher than the required pressure on the site, and the waste is serious. Sometimes, for a small number of pressure-demanding equipment, the entire pressure of the gas supply is raised, which is extremely unreasonable in energy use configuration.

Air guns are widely used in the process of finishing and machining of manufacturing and processing. The gas consumption reaches 50% of the total gas supply in some industrial fields. Usually, the gas supply pipe has too long supply pressure and supply pressure during use. Too high, using a straight pipe copper pipe to make a pouting and other issues. In addition, it is easy for the on-site personnel to expand the mouthwash and increase the supply pressure in order to pursue a large impact force, thereby causing a great waste of gas.

In addition, the phenomenon that the gas is unreasonable in the pneumatic equipment is also prominent, for example, the gas back pressure detection for determining whether the workpiece is stuck or not, and the vacuum generator gas supply, etc., which are not working or uninterrupted gas supply. In particular, the use of gas for stirring purposes such as a chemical liquid tank, and the shaping of a tire in the manufacture of a tire, the use of a high pressure of 0.7 MPa to 0.1 to 0.2 MPa is very common and wasteful. Grasping the actual required pressure and minimum air consumption of the equipment from the process is a prerequisite for rationalizing the gas consumption of the equipment. Due to the unreasonable use of equipment, the waste of public mechanical engineering bookmark4 total savings amounted to RMB 150 million. The digestion, popularization and re-innovation of these technologies and experiences in China will become the top priority of China's aerodynamic energy-saving work.

To this end, at the end of 2007, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and SMC Country Co., Ltd. cooperated in industry and education, and set up the country's first energy conservation and environmental protection center for compressed air systems, in-depth study of compressed air system rationalization technology, and rapidly promoted and popularized pneumatic users nationwide. Pneumatic energy-saving and environmental protection technology to promote the healthy development of the industry. The center implemented a comprehensive energy-saving transformation for a foreign-funded enterprise in China, which reduced the power consumption per unit of compressor output by 34.5%, and the compressor changed from the original 10.5 full-load operation to 7.5 full-load operation, and 3 compressors. Complete shutdown.

This shows that the energy saving effect of the compressed air system is remarkable. If we can carry out aerodynamic energy-saving activities and popularize aerodynamic energy-saving technologies in China, we can save 60 billion kW-h per year for the country, with a total amount of 36 billion yuan. It has very considerable economic and social benefits. See Table 1. The center is targeting China's automobile, textile, sr.m丨 and H-B: the r-state of the positive solution in i4h and the change of K-power consumption: T-L 0-order i sorrowful air sister, air purification equipment 1 er乍Supply pressure road trend 1 network distribution, Yuanjiao division EI each cattle production equipment actual supply power and the actual stagnation 0宵 network! In the interior of the children's and re-equipment, each is used in the ground: 0, the scale 10 and the number of m force, the gas consumption T is the time 糸 0 work; the use of I t the internal components are not. The gas supply situation at the time of the operation: Whether the T. of the compressor is reasonable or not, it is the need to increase the range of the torsion. The gasification equipment of the ISS machine is the state of the ancient TiH, and the right supply road is Dong Chu. Reasonable inside, if there is no pressure loss when the node is too large, can you reduce the supply pressure of the production equipment, 7f can reduce the supply of fK force of the S-shrinking machine, the number of MSfL is determined by the pneumatic 宵M, and the points in the vehicle and the equipment are deleted. 3 The use of the cylinder r.5d is reasonable, can be added to the cell road, the use of pneumatic TA is the M state, the equipment inside the r. for the H can apricot stop, the countermeasures are formulated in line with the three major V energy universal: (1) Optimized machine operation t(2) Well low pressure: ft object implementation quite f according to the real fS: U-1 according to the disaster application effect: the small implementation of the two focuses on the two bad quarters: large object: ground, delete.

(2) Do not increase the product's bad Feng B - Compressor cold-forming tea set daily price production equipment r and not when the operation: ty force transmission of this device in the consumption of gas monitoring; ç½” 2 shrink Air System Energy Saving Implementation Process Table 1 Domestic Compressed Air System Energy Saving Case Effect No Compressor Model Rated Pressure / MPa Rated Power / kW Rated Gas Volume / Estimated Mean as Air Supply Amount Above, indicating the current use of compressed air system Waste is more serious. Therefore, it is only necessary to carry out detailed investigations, clarify the problem, and adopt reasonable and effective energy-saving measures to achieve energy-saving effects of 30% or higher.

System energy conservation is a big problem in China. At present, China's pneumatic users have low efficiency, serious waste in the use of pneumatic technology, and there is no way to start and lack experience. Japan is at the forefront of the world in the research and implementation of energy saving in compressed air systems.

According to a survey conducted by the Japan Fluid Power Industry Association in 2002, after energy conservation in Japan, energy consumption has been reduced by 10% to 30%. Among them, Japanese SMC has made pneumatic energy saving proposals for more than 100 companies in Japan, with a maximum reduction of 60%. %, large and medium-sized enterprises in the manufacturing industries such as electronic semiconductors and machining, aiming at reducing the energy consumption of air compressors, combining practical characteristics of various industries to study practical energy-saving technologies, and formulating a set of effective, easy-to-implement, investment recovery period of less than 1 The energy-saving implementation process of the year will make the energy-saving measures industrialized, systematic, concrete, operable, visualized and standardized.

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