Explanation of Correct Operation Indexes of Parking Management System

Parking lot management system technical indicators:
1. The parking lot management software has the functions of inquiry print report, statistical analysis, system maintenance and fixed card sale.
2. The system software can automatically sort and sort the received data, and provide convenient query functions. Managers can inquire at any time the parking lot operating conditions, collection status, the number of fixed cards in and out, time, and the remaining balance in the card.
3. You can set monthly cards, season cards, year cards, VIP cards, free cards and other types of cards, but also provide a one-time use card.
4. The software can be connected to the image capture system and can store captured car images.
5. Has the following alarm functions: illegal entry into the parking lot, illegal cards (failed, expired,)
6. With anti-retrograde function, prevent two cars from entering the parking lot with a single card.
7. Invalid card, one-card multiplexing and other error detection and detection functions.
8. The system software has a self-maintenance function: When issuing the card, it will not affect the entrance and exit management of vehicles at the entrance and exit, the transmission of signals and the download of data.
9. With a report function, you can print daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly reports, etc. as required.
10. Operator management adopts password management or credit card management mechanism. Divided into three levels of management: operator level, administrator level, system engineer level.
11. Automatically record all operator logins, including login time, logout time, and setting the user card validity period.
12. Provide flexible statistical forms and diagrams.
13. Has an open software interface, using TCP / IP protocol, SQL database. Easy to share data with other software.
Parking management system operation process:
1. Vehicle entry: When the vehicle enters, the in-situ coil at the entrance can detect the arrival of the vehicle and even start the work of the entrance machine. The driver holds the card and reads the card in the card reading area in the entrance machine. If the card has passed the authorization and is valid, the electric railing connected to the entrance machine will automatically lift the rail arm and release the vehicle. If it is temporary parking, you need to take the card on the entrance machine at the same time, you can trigger the system to play the recording, such as "Welcome, please slow down" and so on.
2. After the vehicle enters, the ground coil detector will sense that the vehicle has passed and the railing automatically falls back. The railing controller has a car with anti-rake and anti-no trucks to follow the inner function. If an invalid or expired card is used, an alarm will be triggered and no entry will be made. The system records the owner's name, car number, parking space number, vehicle type and other relevant information stored in the user's card in the host computer.
3, parking spaces full display: When the parking lot is full, the entrance full display shows "car park full", and automatically close the entrance card reader system, no longer read the card. At the same time, the parking display can also be used to play user-defined text or other content.
4. When the vehicle leaves the parking lot, at the exit, the driver also holds the card and reads the card in the card reading area of ​​the exporter. The system will automatically determine the validity and consistency of the vehicle card before releasing it. . Otherwise, it will not be released. After the card is read by the temporary car, the system calculates the parking fee. The parking lot can only release after paying a certain fee. All information is stored on the system host for later statistics, queries, and prints.
Parking management system has many advantages:
1: To prevent personnel charging loopholes: There are many defects in the traditional manual cash charging model. On the one hand, the work intensity is high and the efficiency is low. On the other hand, it is financially vulnerable to loopholes or cash flow. In contrast, modern parking management systems are all computer-based, and each payment is confirmed, counted, and recorded by the computer, avoiding operational errors or cheating.
2: With the anti-theft feature to ensure the safety of the vehicle: the traditional management mode is facing a series of problems in daily use, in which the security issues are particularly prominent, such as the form of manual transceiver card may cause omissions or no record to be found, lose the car or Lie to report the phenomenon of losing cars, brought a lot of inconvenience to the parking lot management, and can not guarantee the property safety of the owner of the vehicle. The modern car park management system will automatically store every parking record, and it also carries imagery contrasts, car owners' vehicle capture and other functional blocks, and the entrance and exit will conduct information comparison to protect the safety of the owner vehicle.
3: Car parking guidance: Parking guidance system refers to the intelligent parking guidance system that guides the vehicle parked in the parking space in the parking lot. The detector detects the parking space, displays the information of the empty parking space through the display screen, and the driver uses the information to achieve a comfortable parking. This parking lot management system technology can help owners quickly find parking spaces, reserve/reserve parking spaces, and quickly find cars. It effectively prevents congestion in parking lots, improves the efficiency of parking spaces, speeds up vehicle turnover, improves parking lot economic efficiency, and improves customer satisfaction. , shape the good image of the parking lot.
4: Using license plate recognition technology: The license plate recognition system refers to a technology that can detect the monitored road surface and automatically extract the vehicle license plate information for processing. The license plate recognition is one of the important components in the modern intelligent transportation system and it is widely used. Based on digital image processing, pattern recognition, computer vision and other technologies, it analyzes the images or video sequences of the vehicles captured by the camera to obtain the unique license plate number of each vehicle, thereby completing the recognition process.

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