Motorcycle drive chain adjustment and lubrication steps

The chain drive is an intermeshing transmission with an intermediate flexure. During use, the chain must maintain a suitable sag for the loose edges. Excessive sag will cause the chain and the sprocket to mesh, causing climbing and skipping, and causing the chain to vibrate and hit the shield to generate noise; too small a sag will cause the chain to be too strong, resulting in the chain. The wear of the sprocket is accelerated and the load on the rear axle and the bearing is increased, and sometimes the rear fork can be freely floated up and down. The size of the drive chain sag should be adjusted in strict accordance with the values ​​specified in the car manual.
Motorcycle Drive Chain Adjustment and Lubrication Guide:
First, the motorcycle drive chain inspection method uses the main bracket to support the motorcycle, step on the shift pedal to shift to the neutral position, swing the chain up and down, check that its swing range should be 10 ~ 20MM, if not in this range, should be adjusted The adjustment steps are as follows:
Motorcycle drive chain adjustment steps
A. Loosen the rear axle lock nut and loosen the rear brake adjustment nut.
B. Loosen the chain adjuster lock nut
C. Rotate the adjusting bolt clockwise to reduce the swing of the chain and rotate the adjusting bolt counterclockwise to increase the swing of the chain to adjust the chain swing to the range of 10~20MM. Note: The left and right chain adjusters should have the same scale. After that, the chain regulator scale is in the last grid, indicating that the chain drive part is excessively worn, and the big and small sprocket and chain should be replaced.
D. Check the tightness of the chain, first tighten the adjusting bolt of the chain regulator, and tighten the rear axle lock nut.
Second, if the chain is found to be short of oil, it should be lubricated. Under normal circumstances, every 500KM should be cleaned and lubricated once. The steps are as follows:
1. Remove the shift arm
2, remove the left rear cover of the engine
3, remove the chain box
4. Find the active chain link, remove the movable locking clip with pliers, remove the chain from the backward direction, put the chain into the cleaning agent, and then air dry. Check the wear of the chain and replace if necessary. Note: The direction of the opening of the mounting link locking clip should be opposite to the direction of the chain movement.
5. Replace it in the reverse order and add a proper amount of lubricant to the chain.

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