Shaanxi Auto prepares for big events? Next-generation heavy truck test driverless

Shaanxi Steam HD heavy truck also had a lot of spy photos before, but recently received the latest news from Shaanxi Auto. Shaanxi Auto is not just trying to get a road test, but there is also a huge measure that is no one

Driving test. You didn't get it wrong, it was nobody driving.
This is after the Fukuda joint Baidu and FAW liberation push drone trucks, Shaanxi Auto also came! We can imagine that by then a team would only have one driver, truck driver rice bowl

It may not be guaranteed.

From the appearance point of view, Shaanxi Steam HD heavy truck subverted the appearance we had given us before. The front face of the V-shape was completely redesigned, and the front face of the car body was beautifully lined with aerodynamic elements.

Sussex, the overall style of the design of a full European truck, and then think of the Mercedes Actros, the style of the two cars is the same ah.

On the other hand, there is a black area camera in the middle of the car's windshield. This is the lane departure system. In addition, there are "SHACMAN" logo at the top of the logo of Shaanxi Auto.

It may be an export version of the model.
As we all know, in the field of today’s automated driving, there are two companies that are the most dazzling. One is Google, which adopts a solution that uses a laser radar as a secondary camera, and the other is special.

Sla, based on the Israeli camera vision company Mobileye's monocular camera technology, computer vision with millimeter-wave radar as a solution to achieve unmanned, in addition to Baidu, Uber

And Tucson. This time Shaanqi did not choose Google, Tesla, Baidu and other corporate technologies, but chose Tucson tuSimple.

Different from Google Baidu, in the choice of technical solutions, Tucson chose a commercially available, low-cost hardware sensor, including cameras, inertial guidance, GPS, millimeter-wave radar

And so on, with the perception, judgment, and control algorithms based on deep learning as the Tucson autopilot solution.

Mori's CEO Chen Mo had received an interview from other media that the unmanned cargo transported by Tucson Interactive will be automatically driven on restricted roads, that is, auto-piloting on the freeway.

Work. Such a car can be equipped with a driver, reducing labor costs by 50%; and in the future, it is also expected to achieve full queue transportation, that is, the first car is equipped with a driver, and the rest of the vehicles follow.

Although the specific configuration of this car is not very clear, but to engage in driverless, EBS (electronic brake system), AMT (automatic transmission), ECAS electronically controlled air suspension system,

The ESC (Automatic Body Stability Control System) configuration must be available, otherwise it is difficult to implement a driverless vehicle.

In addition, vehicles also need other auxiliary configurations, such as lane detection (LDS), lane departure warning (LDW), lane keeping assist (LKA), and forward collision warning.

(FCW), PCW, TSR, ALC, Blind Spot Detection, Adaptive Cruise Control, ACC

ADAS functions such as braking (AEB) and driver fatigue detection (DFM).

Although the current driverless technology is still not mature, Shaanxi Automobile is also joining the rank of driverless testing. It must also be designed to solve the driver's fatigue driving, while achieving artificial

This savings is a good indication of the future development trend of commercial vehicles.

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