· FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd. recalled some golf and sagitar cars

A few days ago, FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd. filed a recall plan with the AQSIQ according to the requirements of the Regulations on the Management of Defective Automobile Product Recall, and decided to recall the following vehicles from the date of 577,590 vehicles.
(1) Some golf A6 1.4T, 1.6L and 2.0T vehicles produced between September 10, 2009 and May 9, 2014, totaling 416,364 vehicles;
(II) Some of the sagitar 1.4T, 1.6L and 1.8T vehicles produced during the period from July 5, 2010 to March 1, 2012, totaling 161,226 vehicles.
Some vehicles within the scope of the recall, in the specific circumstances of high air humidity, rapid temperature changes and vibration, the fuses protecting the exterior lights may fail due to overheating, resulting in some exterior lights (such as the right front side low beam) Lamps, left rear brake lights, license plate lights, etc.) cannot work properly, posing a safety hazard. In this case, the vehicle circuit ensures that other lights around the vehicle continue to illuminate, and the display of the instrument cluster will alert the user to a light anomaly. FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd. will replace the improved light fuses for vehicles within the recall range to eliminate safety hazards.
The recall was carried out under the circumstances of the AQSIQ initiated defect investigation. For some time, the AQSIQ Defective Product Management Center received complaints from consumers about this issue. After receiving the complaint, the AQSIQ immediately deployed the Defective Product Management Center to conduct a defect investigation and assessment of the above issues. Affected by the investigation, FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd. decided to take recall measures to eliminate potential safety hazards.
FAW-Volkswagen Automotive Co., Ltd. will notify the owner of the vehicle by registered mail, etc., and will contact the relevant owner through an authorized dealer to arrange free maintenance. Users can use the landline or mobile phone to call the FAW-Volkswagen Customer Service Center hotline (400-817-1888) for consultation. Owners can also visit the AQSIQ Defective Product Management Center website () and the WeChat public account (AQSIQDPAC) for more information. In addition, you can also call the AQSIQ Defective Product Management Center hotline to reflect problems during the implementation of the recall or submit defects.

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