Tsinghua University, "Quantum Dot Spectrometer" R & D and industrialization progress

On the afternoon of May 19, Wang Jiarui, vice chairman of the 12th CPPCC National Committee, and his entourage came to Tsinghua University to investigate the Quantum Dot Spectroscopy Integrated Laboratory of the "Thousands of Youngsters" in the Department of Electronics and get to know its "quantum dot micro-spectrometer" R & D and industrialization. Beijing CPPCC Chairman Jilin, Vice Mayor Wang Ning accompanied the investigation.

This investigation is one of a series of investigations conducted by the CPPCC National Committee on "deepening the comprehensive reform of higher education and advancing the close combination of industry, academia and research." Department of Electronic Engineering Bao Jie in the "quantum dot micro-spectrometer" made a major breakthrough in research, and in 2016 founded "Core Vision (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd." for industrialization.

Wang Xiqin, vice chancellor of Tsinghua University, reported on the overall work and major achievements of Tsinghua University in recent years in terms of production, teaching and research, and introduced the overall work of schools in recruiting overseas talents.

Bao Jie returned to China in 2013 and was selected as an expert on the project of "One Thousand Young People" by the Central Organization Department. In the follow-up research work has made a series of achievements, and published in the international academic journal "Nature" quantum dot spectrometer this disruptive technology achievement.

Bao Jie introduced quantum dot spectrometer technology research and development process, industrialization market prospects and business planning, and demonstrated the laboratory related research and development results, including colloidal quantum dot solution, the physical properties of optical sensors, as well as handheld spectrometer terminal can detect the quality of tea.

Wang Jiarui and other leaders in the research process from time to time to ask the relevant technical details and industrialization of the specific circumstances. Wang Jiarui fully affirmed Bao Jie's technological achievements and the progress of production, teaching and research. He hoped Tsinghua would continue to increase innovation and make efforts to break through the core and key technologies around the major strategic needs of the country. To make China an innovative country, the world's scientific and technological power made unremitting efforts .

The CPPCC and relevant leaders in Beijing visited and visited the quantum dot integration laboratory and watched the relevant experimental process.

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