Xu Gong, Shi Weiying: Three-brothers are connected to building waste and become waste

Recently, Xu Gong Shi Weiying's “PUE0810+PUY1300+MSP1561” mechanism gravel production line's three relative brothers were sent to the new site of a quarry in Huizhou, contributing to the recycling of solid waste in the region.

Green environmental protection is one of the focuses of the society. With the rapid development of the social economy, it is particularly important to face the depletion of natural sand resources and the development of recycling economy in the face of waste and waste after the demolition of buildings.

Sandstone production line Three Taiwanese brothers turn construction waste into treasure

Sandstone production line Three Taiwanese brothers turn construction waste into treasure

Xugong Mobile Environmental Recycling Equipment has the advantages of zero-based rapid commissioning, fast-moving on-site construction, and flexible layout and utilization. It can rapidly convert building wastes and other wastes into concrete raw materials and realize the recycling of resources. It is reported that in the past 1 year of this set of equipment, the equipment has always maintained high efficiency and trouble-free operation, and has won high recognition from customers for its features such as intelligence and environmental protection. (This article is from Xugong)

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