Tee fitting application and processing technology

The stainless steel three-way pipe fittings are used in places where the pipelines are branched. Because they are easy to use, they are widely used in chemical, civil construction, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding and other fields.

A tee is a type of pipe used at the branch of a pipe. For the manufacture of three-way pipes using seamless pipes, the currently commonly used processes include hydraulic bulging and hot-press forming.

a. Hydraulic bulging The three-way hydraulic bulging is a forming process in which the metal tube axially expands out of the branch tube. In the process, a special hydraulic press is used to inject the liquid into the tube with the same diameter as the three-way tube. The tube is squeezed by the two horizontal cylinders of the hydraulic press. The tube is squeezed and the volume becomes smaller. The pressure of the liquid increases as the volume of the tube becomes smaller, and when the pressure required for the expansion of the three-way tube is reached, the metal material flows along the inner cavity of the mold under the double action of the pressure of the liquid in the side cylinder and the tube to expand the branch tube.

b. Hot press forming Three-way hot press forming is to make the tube blank larger than the three-way diameter, flatten it to the size of the three-way diameter, and open a hole in the part of the stretching branch tube; the tube blank is heated and put into a forming die , And in the tube filled with the die of the tensile branch; under pressure, the tube is radially compressed, in the process of radial compression, the metal flows in the direction of the branch and forms a branch under the stretching of the die. The entire process is formed by the radial compression of the tube and the stretching process at the branch. Different from the hydraulic bulging tee, the metal of the hot-pressed tee branch is compensated by the radial movement of the blank, so it is also called the radial compensation process.

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