Mercury analyzer working principle and technical parameters

A: Mercury analyzer working principle The unique properties of mercury and its compounds have been widely used in scientific research and production, but it has also brought environmental pollution and caused damage to organisms. Therefore, the monitoring of mercury has received a great deal of attention in the country. Therefore, the analytical method for trace mercury is also constantly improving. The requirements for the mercury analyzer are also increasing. Therefore, the mercury analyzer developed by the company is the basis of the original product. Manufactured on the basis of improvement, the drift and noise are greatly improved, the sensitivity and accuracy are improved, and the digital hold function is enabled.

Based on elemental mercury at room temperature, without heating, it can be volatilized into mercury vapor, and has a strong absorption effect on the ultraviolet ray with a wavelength of 253.7 nm. In a certain range, the concentration of mercury is proportional to the absorption value, which is in line with Bill. law.

Second, the main technical parameters of mercury analyzer:

1. Measurement range: 0∽10ng/mlHg (ie 0∽10ppb)

2. Detection limit: ≤0.05ng/mlHg

3. Stability: Zero drift: ≤1%(FS)/4h

4. Digital display error: ≤1%min

5. Overall dimensions: 460×4455×180mm3

6. Weight: 10kg

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