· December Hangzhou license plate: 36 people with a reserve price of 10,000 yuan shortlisted

Last month, Hangzhou license plate bidding results were unexpected, as long as the effective price can get the license plate. Many insiders believe that this is only a touchdown of the bid price that has approached the psychological price, and the bid will rebound this month.
Yesterday, the results of this month’s auction were announced, and the industry’s people clearly underestimated everyone’s rationality. The lowest bid price for this month's license plate is still 10,000 yuan. However, the license plate of 10,000 yuan "has a slow hand and no hand", 47 people have this price, but only 36 lucky people are shortlisted and get the license plate.
This month, the number of personal indicators for the number of small passenger cars that were placed in the auction was 2,049, which is the month with the largest number of single-month allocation indicators since the auction. The lowest transaction price of this month's license plate is still 10,000 yuan, and 36 lucky winners are selected.
There are 3,245 individuals applying for participation in the auction, and 3,000 effective codes have been approved. However, none of the 3,000 people participated in the bidding. According to the final result of the bidding, the number of indicators was 2049, and 11 of them reported a price of 10,000 yuan. However, due to the slowness of the hand, it was estimated that 940 people signed up for the auction. But in the end there is still no bid.
Compared with the previous auction, the participants were very restrained. At 11:00 am, the average price of the first broadcast was 13945 yuan, 1 pm, the second broadcast average price was 14,123 yuan, and the final average transaction price was 16,731 yuan. Compared with the average price of 44,175 yuan last month, it dipped 27,444 yuan.
For more than half a year, the average transaction price in June was the lowest, with an individual of 15,263 yuan, and this time it was the second lowest, and only 1,500 yuan higher than June.
The average transaction price of 10,000 yuan was the second lowest in the year. Before the price of a license plate rushed to nearly 50,000, and the two months of frequent diving, it is no doubt that the bidding market is returning to rationality.
“The price of 10,000 yuan last month was the finalist, and the number of participants was far lower than the number of indicators, but people still did not participate in the bidding.” Jin Lin, deputy director of the Regulation Office of Hangzhou Transportation Bureau, said, “This shows that The bidding market tends to be rational. The 2060 individual bid is almost the same as the indicator allocation, so the probability of the reserve price is extremely high."
Jin Lin believes that there is a collective tacit understanding of the performance of participating bidders this month. “Put the price at a lower price. The average price of the two broadcasts can also explain this trend. We did not blindly increase the price. In the end, the transaction price was also achieved with a slight increase.”
However, the current bidding market has returned to rationality, but it does not mean that the bidding price has fallen back to a stable period. At present, there is still fluctuation in the bid price, so participants are still required to choose their bids rationally and cautiously.
In order to prevent malicious bidding, the bidding cap is set first this month, which is twice the average transaction price of the Hangzhou Small Bus Total Control Auction System at 3 pm on the previous auction day, that is, the personal quotation limit is 88,350 yuan.
If you still need a license plate and want to get it through the auction, don't miss the next month's bid.
The average auction price for this month was 16,731 yuan. This means that in January next year's bid, the personal offer ceiling is 33,462 yuan. This price is lower than the lowest personal transaction price of the October auction.

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