Water purifier to brand new Warring States period

Water purifier to brand new Warring States period In 2013, with the dead pig incident in Jiaxing and the standard gate incident at Nongfu Spring, the water purifier became an industry attracting attention from all parties, and it received such high attention.

There are two main reasons: on the one hand, consumers' demand for household clean water; on the other hand, the major media in-depth market exposes the chaos in the water purifier industry, especially in the "price", "standard" and "concept". In terms of other aspects, it is even more prominent. Almost a hundred water purifiers have appeared in various places, and the price of water purifiers has reached as much as 10,000 yuan. The strict nature of the standards has caused some “three nothings” products to flood the market and filter water purifiers. The propaganda of how magical the water can produce is overwhelming; it can be said that these two aspects are in stark contrast.

So what will happen to the water purifier industry in 2013? In fact, according to the sales situation of water purifiers in the past two years, it can be predicted that the demand for water purifiers in China will continue to rise in 2013, and the market's rigid demand may usher in a golden period of development.

According to the person in charge of the authoritative portal of the water purification industry, China's water purifier industry can analyze the industry development trend from three aspects in 2013: On the one hand, the promotion of water purifier brand will inevitably increase. The top ten brands of water purifiers and high-end brand alliances represented by Lu, Gengyuan, Angel, Midea, Jingquan, Lisheng, etc. are continuously increasing investment in advertising and e-commerce, which will help further enhance the brand's popularity. On the other hand, the continuous decline in drinking fountains, it should be said that bottled water combined with drinking fountains is known as the "golden partner" to change the drinking habits of humans, but in recent years with the bottled water by the "black heart bucket", "standard door" And even directly influencing the impact of tap water incidents, bottled water is not the best choice to solve the family's drinking water needs. However, drinking fountains are used as small household appliances that are famous for bottled water, and bottled water problems frequently occur, making many Consumers have abandoned it, drinking fountains have become “innocent victims” and sales have continued to decline; on the other hand, the concept of “water home decoration” is forming. Some newly installed houses directly incorporate the installation of water purifiers into the major projects of renovation. With the upcoming 80s and 90s, they will undoubtedly inject new blood into the water purification industry. First, the ability of these people to accept Strong and the second most of them are familiar with the use of the Internet, this will better help some of the best water purifier brands to accumulate popularity and word of mouth, third, they will be more willing to recommend water purifiers for their elders, in summary Water purifiers are very likely to become home owners' pets in the new era.

From the market data feedback of the water purifier industry in 2012, a part of the water purifier manufacturers in China has achieved world advanced level through nearly ten years of development. At the same time, the water purifier industry has made China become a country through 20 years of development. The world's largest water purifier production base. At present, the geographical distribution of water purifiers in China can be roughly divided into three major "corps"; the first "corps" is the "Pearl River Delta" production base represented by Quanluo, Angel, Jingquan, Midea and others.

The second "corps" is a "Yangtze River Delta" production base consisting of Chinese and foreign brands such as GUANYUAN, 3M and Aihuipu.

The third "corps" is a scattered manufacturer of brands represented by brands such as Haier, Lisheng, and TCL.

By looking at the scale of the water purifier industry, the water purification industry will develop in the direction of regionalization, which will be more conducive to the rapid development of the water purifier industry, such as the formation of production bases such as the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta. Can facilitate the exchange of experience, technology and other aspects; In addition, with the water purifier industry in 2012 ushered in the first industry "shuffle", in this process will be a group of small manufacturers, or foundry thoroughly Withdrawing from market competition, however, the water purifier industry has been battling for nearly two decades. With the withdrawal of such manufacturers, there will be a “vacant area” in the market. Then the water purifier industry will stage “stronger stronger and weaker weaker”. "The Matthew Effect."

With the emergence of the top ten brands of water purifiers, this shows that China's water purifier industry has created a Chinese-style growth model; it is worth noting that in recent years, the market share of the top ten brands of water purifiers has continued to increase. It is expected that with the entry into 2013, the share will increase further. In short, looking at the development trend of the water purifier industry in 2013: water purifiers will further promote the popularization process, competition between brands and brands will be launched immediately, but with a certain amount of cash reserves, the market has a good foundation, and preparation The company will rapidly expand its market share. In 2013, it may become another integration period of the water purifier industry. This process will eliminate a considerable number of companies, and market share will be further concentrated on brand water purifiers.

After this process, the market differentiation will become more serious: large-scale water purifiers brand enterprises and medium-sized water purifiers companies will become the main players in the market, and small water purifiers will fade out of the market. The development trend of the industry will become more and more clear: large-scale and brand-name enterprises will gradually occupy the mainstream consumer market, medium-sized water purifier brands will be concentrated in low-end consumer groups or non-mainstream markets, or become purely OEM factories; 2013 or will be Water Purifier Industry's Next "New Warring States Era".

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