The use of magnetic pumps and maintenance tips

First, the use of magnetic pump Note:
(1) After the installation is completed, turn the coupling by hand to check for the presence or absence of scratches.
(2) In order to prevent debris from entering the pump, a filter is arranged at the inlet of the pump, and the filtering area is larger than 3 to 4 times of the cross-sectional area of ​​the pipe.
(3) is strictly prohibited air transport.
(4) Lift the pump should be installed in the outlet pipe check valve to prevent water hammer suddenly shut down damage.
(5) open the pump program: open the inlet valve before driving, the pump filled with liquid to be transported; close the outlet valve; jog the electric motor, check the steering pump is correct; pump start, the outlet valve should be slowly open, Pump to be up to the normal operation, then the outlet valve transferred to the desired opening. Trial run 5 ~ 10min, if no exception, can be put into operation.
Shutdown procedure: Close the outlet valve; cut off the power supply; shut down the inlet, clean the flow passage in the pump and cut off the power when not in use for a long time.
Second, the maintenance points and methods:
(1) pump shaft broken. CQB-type magnetic pump shaft material used is 99% of alumina ceramic, the main reason for the shaft is broken, because the pump runs dry, the shaft bearing dry wear and tear. Open the pump inspection can be seen when the bearing has been seriously damaged to prevent the pump broken off the main method is to avoid the air pump running.
(2) bearing damage. CQB pump bearing material is high density carbon, in case of pump water or pump impurities, it will cause the bearing damage. Cylindrical coupling inside and outside the rotor between the coaxial requirements if not guaranteed, it will directly affect the bearing life.
(3) can not pump liquid. The pump is the most prone to failure of the liquid pump, its reasons are more. First of all, check the suction pipe of the pump for any leaks, check whether the air in the suction pipe is drained, whether the amount of liquid poured in the pump is enough, if there is any clogged debris in the suction pipe, check if the pump is reversed Especially after changing the motor or overhauling the power supply line), you should also pay attention to whether the pump suction height is too high. If the above inspection still can not be solved, the pump can be disassembled and checked to see if the pump shaft is broken. Check whether the moving ring and the static ring of the pump are intact, and whether the entire rotor can move in a small amount of axial direction. If the axial movement difficulties, can check whether the carbon bearing with the pump shaft is too close.
It is worth noting that the pump repair a few times to find out the problem, should pay attention to the work of the magnetic coupling is normal. Bearings, inner magnetic rotors and spacers generate heat during operation, which increases the operating temperature and, on the one hand, reduces the power delivered and, on the other hand, a great deal of hassle for the pump that delivers easily vaporized liquids. Magnetically transmitted power with temperature increases is a continuous decline in the curve, usually below the working temperature limit of the magnet, the decline of its transmission capacity is reversible, but above the limit temperature is irreversible, that is, the magnet cooling After losing the ability to pass the transfer can no longer be restored. Under special circumstances, when the magnetic coupling slips (out of step), the eddy current heat in the spacer increases rapidly and the temperature rises sharply. If it is not processed in time, the magnet will demagnetize and make the magnetic coupling fail. Therefore, the magnetic pump should design a reliable cooling system. The medium is not easy to vaporize, the cooling system is generally circulated by the impeller outlet or pump outlet leads to the liquid flow through the bearing and magnetic drive back to the suction port, the vaporization of the medium, the heat exchanger should be added or the liquid flow to the pump Of the tank, to avoid heat back to the suction port, for solid impurities or ferromagnetic impurities in the media, should consider filtering, high temperature medium, you should consider cooling to ensure that the magnetic coupling does not exceed the working temperature limit. In considering whether the speed is enough, we must first check the motor speed is normal, tachometer available for measurement, the motor speed is normal, you can consider whether there will be magnetic coupling slippage.

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