Oh my god! Self-taught driving test original so troublesome!

From April 1, 2016, 16 cities across the country will be open to self-study direct driving licenses. Does that mean that "my driving test is my master", and driving a private car to study can be a direct test? Yes, but not as simple as you think!

First of all, to understand the major changes in driving regulations.

There are many new regulations, and the biggest change is undoubtedly self-taught driving licenses.

The problem has come. How to register?

Self-study direct examination does not need to go to the driving school, seemingly save trouble, but in fact there are many regulations.

There are many restrictions on vehicles, on-board instructors, location of trains, and time spent on training.

Installation of safety equipment, independent examination, self-preparatory examination, application for self-education driver's license, and self-learning training for the car. Each link can take time.

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