Advances in the development of thermophysical characterization equipment for micro / nano structural materials

In the national key special core high-end general-purpose chips and electronic products, basic software products, large scale integrated circuit manufacturing technology and complete sets of technology, large aircraft, gas turbine (aeroengine) and other projects, thermal barrier coating, thermal interface, Materials with micro / nano structure, such as thin films and porous media, are of crucial importance. The accurate measurement of thermal properties plays a key role in the completion of the project. Institute of heat and mass transfer center developed and set up with the leading international level and independent intellectual property rights of dual-wavelength femtosecond laser pumping - detection of thermal reflection measurement system. The use of femtosecond laser ultra-high heat flux density and ultra-short pulse characteristics, with the traditional thermophysical measuring instruments can not reach the spatial resolution, enabling nano-micron scale film, interface, porous media, powder and other materials thermal physical accuracy measuring.

Based on the technology of dual-wavelength femtosecond laser pumped-detection thermal reflection measurement system, based on the principle of modular design, repeated design verification, material verification and process verification are strictly carried out in the demonstration, engineering design and manufacture to application demonstration To ensure the reliability, safety and function indicators, the optical system, the circuit control system and the data acquisition system are realized modularized and integrated, forming an independent and industrially producible core machine, and the system can be established to achieve system weak signal Extraction and data processing integrated control software.

For different applications, the development of the instrument can focus on the following issues: large-scale integrated circuits, high-power laser thermal management of thin film materials and interface thermal transport characteristics difficult to accurately measure the problem; high performance aero-engine turbines, combustion chambers and aircraft high temperature Thermal insulation properties of the key components of the thermal protective coating materials, coating - substrate interface thermal resistance, difficult to accurately measure the thermal conductivity of high thermal conductivity carbon / carbon composite materials; thermal properties and heat transfer properties of the new high efficiency nano energy-saving materials Difficult to accurately standard problem. The development of this instrument will serve the fields of microelectronics, optoelectronics, aerospace and industrial energy conservation, etc., and will be able to break through the development bottlenecks brought about by heat transfer and promote the rapid development of new functional materials research and applications in the above industrial fields.

This project has been specially supported by the development of major national scientific instruments and equipment.

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Modular, integrated thermophysical characterization instrument for micro / nano structure materials

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