Solution of Power Station Quality Problems and Development of Photovoltaic Industry

First, the quality of photovoltaic power plant in the end how serious?

Third-party testing center Beijing Certification Center testing found that a 8MW photovoltaic power plant in Xinjiang 3178 PV module 2856 mid-infrared imaging sampling, of which 19% exists Weld hot spot effect. Gansu 10MW photovoltaic power plant, sampling found that up to 58% of the apparent decline in the power of PV modules.

Last year, Hengshui Certified Company conducted inspection on 425 components including 32GW and 3.3GW, including large-scale on-site power stations and distributed power stations in China, and found that there are a series of problems such as hot spot, attenuation, crack and snail pattern in PV modules . The results show that, of the 425 solar power plants, 30% of the three years of power plants have problems to varying degrees; some of the component quality problems have been completed for 3 years and the power plant equipment attenuation rate is as high as 68%. If the components decay more than 5% a year, according to this speed, 5 years after the plant will be scrapped.

Such a serious quality problem has sounded the alarm for the photovoltaic industry, to solve the quality of photovoltaic power plants is indeed imminent. It can be expected that along with the large-scale construction of photovoltaic power plants, firstly, if a large number of quality problems continue to occur in the future, this will lead to a "catastrophic" situation; secondly, the quality risk of photovoltaic power plants may also lead to the failure of financial and insurance institutions Dare to enter the photovoltaic industry the most direct reason; Third, if the quality of the problem rose to safety issues, power generation is 0, the return on investment is 0 - there will be other risks, you know.

So, in the end what are the factors that led to frequent power plant quality problems? Huaxia Energy Network summed up and found that the quality of the PV industry is a dynamic quality, not static. From the solar energy industry chain, from the various components to transport, production to design, installation, operation and maintenance, all aspects are full of risks, only to solve one or several parts is not enough. Wu Xianxiang, chief engineer of State Power photovoltaic summarized the problem into three categories: power generation capacity assurance, reliability, operation and maintenance. Also have the practical operation of the project industry that "power station problems, 90% or more than 95% of the installation and construction problems": how to treat the risk of the entire industry quality? The most important thing is that in construction, the outbreak will occur two to three years later, and basically the outbreak of materials ten years later will be the material issue.

Second, in recent years what took place in the typical power plant quality accidents?

In the past year, many domestic and foreign safety accidents were reported in many photovoltaic power plants, mostly caused by various causes such as fires, lightning strikes and electric shocks. The most notable example is the sudden fire that struck the roof of the factory in Mesa, Arizona, that Apple had been proud of last May. The fire was on the roof of the building. The scene was full of smoke and the photovoltaic components were destroyed.

Further forward, in July 2012, a photovoltaic plant in Germany was hit by a fire that took place at the combiner box of the rooftop PV module.

The domestic related reports are also emerging after another:

In August 2013, a batch of snail grain appeared at a central Bohu Lake 50MW PV power plant in Xinjiang, with a module occurrence rate of 75%.

In 2014, a central enterprise inspected the Longyangxia Hydropower Station in Qinghai Province and found that there was a snail pattern in the case that the components were not connected to the grid. The ratio was 70%.

In May 2014, a power station owned by a state-owned enterprise in Qinghai Province was installed in November 2013 and a batch of lightning lines and worm patterns appeared in May 2014. The total number was 20MW. When a central-level Inner Mongolia 50MW power station was connected to the grid in 2013, Snail mosquitoes, snail mosquitoes and eclipsed corrosion rate of 95%;

In 2014, 1500 modules of 10MW photovoltaic power station in Hangzhou East Station of Zhejiang Province appeared snail pattern. In 2014, 30% of 250MW photovoltaic power station components in Shandong Province appeared snail pattern, involving more than 20 manufacturers and some components were replaced afterwards. Some component suppliers Agreed to repair; in 2014, a 100MW photovoltaic power plant in Yangyuan of Hebei Province, of which 70MW all appeared serious lightning pattern.


This is a set of shocking data. From the time dimension, the data is equally disturbing: the attenuation of secondary components due to snail pattern, lightning pattern and worm pattern started to concentrate in 2013 and 2014. "The quality of Northwest PV Power Station inscription: hidden under the device selection," an article by the author's incomplete statistics, the above data is only the tip of the iceberg, the 2014 national ground power station to produce similar problems as high as 116, and as of now, this figure Still high no less.

These problems not only threaten the steady operation of power plants for 25 years, but also induce a credit crisis in the industrial investment and various associated effects, making it even more difficult for PV financing.

Third, what factors lead to security issues?

Due to the long-term and stable operation of PV power plants for 20 years to 25 years, investment institutions are increasingly concerned about the investment opportunities of PV power plants while expressing their concerns about the reliability and anti-risk ability of long-term operation of power plants.

In implementing the "Several Opinions of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council on Further Deepening the Reform of the Power System," and pushing forward the implementation of the power system reform, more and more PV enterprises are actively laying their power markets due to the opening of the sales side. In order to ensure a stable Return on investment, the current market demand for power plant quality, decay rate, stable output power and other hardware conditions are also getting higher and higher.

However, the power station quality and safety problems are still emerging. So, what factors led to the "problem" in the end? The following "photovoltaic power plant quality and safety summary analysis" article author, after visiting a large number of photovoltaic power plants, the PV power plant is currently facing the major security problems are divided into two components and inverters.

Component safety problems mainly come from junction box and hot spot effect:

First, the PV module junction box quality problems

Unobtrusive junction box is caused by many components of spontaneous "culprit", junction box market is more chaotic and disorderly. According to a survey, the majority of people think MC4 is a standard model of connectors rather than the company's unique product specifications because of the cottage and human misleading MC4 photovoltaic connector produced by Stäubli abroad. Therefore, a large number of Inferior "cottage" connector into the market is made of junction box sold to component companies.

Poor quality connector due to rough internal roughness, fewer contact points, the resistance is too high to fire the junction box, and then burn the module backplane components cause fragmentation. Recommended components Businesses in the purchase of the junction box, the quality rather than the price as a priority, while the key components such as connectors to inspect, from the source to eliminate hidden dangers.

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