Fast Company takes the lead in applying 3D printing technology in the industry

As an advantageous enterprise in the parts and components industry, Fast has continuously innovated the concept of product development, actively adopted new processes and new technologies, took the lead in introducing 3D printing technology in the industry, and began to apply to key product design and R&D fields, effectively shortening the critical zero The development cycle of components has become the first company in the domestic component industry to apply this technology.

The 3D printing technology is a technology that builds an object by layer-by-layer printing using a powdery metal or plastic adhesive material based on a digital model file. It can produce parts of any shape directly from computer graphics without the need for machining or any tooling, which can significantly shorten the product development cycle, increase productivity, and reduce manufacturing costs.

Fast technicians told the reporter that with the further maturation of 3D printing technology, the prices of metal printing materials, equipment and printing materials have fallen. In the next few years, 3D printing technology will become more and more widely used in the research and development of auto parts. Applications.

It is reported that in May last year, Fast had purchased a 3D printer and started to use it. At present, 3D printing technology is mainly applied in the development of key parts and components for transmissions of enterprises and assembly verification of assemblies. The purpose of adopting this technology is to use rapid prototyping technology to verify the feasibility of product assembly in the early stage of design, to detect product design errors in time, and to quickly verify the principles and feasibility of key and complex components.

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