How to use pressure relay

How to use pressure relay The main function of the pressure relay is to have a safety protection function that can control the sequential operation of the actuator. So, what is the use of pressure relays?

First, when used for safety protection, the pressure relay is set at one end of the clamping cylinder. After the hydraulic pump starts, the workpiece is clamped first. At this time, the pressure in the right chamber of the clamping cylinder increases, when it rises to the pressure relay. When the value is set, the pressure relay operates and sends an electric signal to energize 2YA, so the cutting cylinder feeds the cutting. During processing, the normally open contact of the pressure relay microswitch is always closed. If the workpiece is not clamped, the pressure relay 2 is disconnected, so the 2YA power is cut off, and the cutting hydraulic cylinder immediately stops feeding, thereby avoiding the accident that the workpiece is not clamped and cut.

In fact, when used to control the sequential operation of the actuators, after the hydraulic pump is started, the 2YA is first energized and the left cylinder of the hydraulic cylinder is filled with oil to push the piston direction to the right. When the limiter (or dead stop) is hit, the system pressure rises and the pressure relay sends out an electric signal to energize 1YA. The high pressure oil enters the left chamber of the hydraulic cylinder and pushes the piston to the right. At this time, if 3YA is also energized, the piston of the hydraulic cylinder is quickly moved to the right; if 3YA is de-energized, the piston of the hydraulic cylinder is slowly moved to the right, and the slow movement speed is adjusted by the throttle valve.

When the hydraulic pump is used again for unloading, the pressure relay does not control the hydraulic pump to stop rotating, but instead controls the two-position two-way solenoid valve, and the pressure oil output by the hydraulic pump 5 flows back to the tank to unload it.

Finally used for hydraulic pump opening and closing, there are two hydraulic pumps, high-pressure small flow pump, low-pressure large flow pump. When the piston drops rapidly, both pumps output pressure oil at the same time. When the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder starts to pressurize against the workpiece, the pressure relay will act under the effect of pressure oil, touch the micro switch, and the normally closed contact will be disconnected to stop the hydraulic pump. Slows the speed of the hydraulic cylinder during processing while reducing power consumption.

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