Three crude determination of grain, oil and feed inspection

In the grain and oil, feed inspection, the laboratory has three crude measurements, which are the determination of crude protein content, crude fiber content, crude fat content. In order to obtain accurate test results, the three coarse measurement work is completed in an efficient and safe manner. Many grain and oil and feed inspection laboratories are equipped with professional testing instruments, such as protein analyzer for crude protein content determination, for coarse A fiber analyzer for determining the fiber content, used for the determination of fat fat content.

The principle of the protein analyzer for determining the crude protein content of grain and oil feed samples is based on the classical Kjeldahl method. Usually, the total nitrogen content in the food is first determined and then multiplied by the protein conversion factor to obtain the protein content. The fiber analyzer measures the crude fiber content of the sample by using the principle of acid-base digestion, that is, digesting the sample under specific conditions, and then removing the soluble substance with ethanol, and deducting the mineral after burning at a high temperature. The fat tester measures the crude fat content of the sample according to the Soxhlet extraction principle. The fat content is determined by the gravimetric method. Since the fat can be dissolved in a specific organic solvent, the fat is separated by repeated extraction, and then the fat is separated. Dry, weigh, calculate the fat content.

In the laboratory, the three rough measurements, if using the traditional manual method, are not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also the analysts will be more exposed to the reagents, the safety is difficult to guarantee, the measurement results will vary from person to person, but using the instrument to measure The efficiency, safety and accuracy of the three rough measurements will be greatly improved. According to the needs of the development of the industry, how to quickly and accurately complete the measurement experiment and save the operation time and cost is an urgent need of modern professional laboratories. Therefore, the use of specialized analytical instruments in the laboratory has become an inevitable trend.

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