What should I do if there is video delay in the wireless monitoring system?

When watching the video surveillance screen, if the screen appears to be stuck or delayed, it will often be very frustrating. However, since the wireless monitoring system is composed of multiple wireless monitoring devices, it is inevitable that there will be a delay. Real-time screening is really not very likely, what we can do is to minimize the interference of the Caton delay. The following Tengyuan Zhituo Xiaobian will introduce you to the solutions.
Wireless network delay
1. Regarding the performance impact of the transmission line: It is well known that a good network cable and a bad network cable are naturally good transmission cables with higher efficiency, and are prone to delays and other adverse effects are bad network cables, so choose High-quality transmission equipment is an important measure to reduce delay; it is naturally a network cable when wired transmission, and a high-quality wireless transmission equipment when wireless transmission.
Tengyuan Zhituo wireless bridge advantage
2. Regarding the transfer process relay device jump effect: During the transfer process, each time it jumps, it means that the processing time of the transfer device is increased once, so the more the number of jumps, the greater the time loss. Therefore, reducing the number of jumps when designing the transmission route can effectively reduce the delay.
3. Impact on the performance of the switch: When the traffic of the network becomes larger, the processing time of the switch and the router becomes longer, and the delay, packet loss rate, backplane bandwidth, switching capacity, and packet forwarding of the poor quality switch Factors such as rate will also be reflected directly in the process of network transmission, so controlling network traffic and selecting quality switches are also effective means to reduce delay.
4. Performance impact on wireless video surveillance equipment: The CPU processing capability of the device responsible for transmission or the speed of the system response is not fast enough, resulting in delays in the transmission process.
If you want to transmit 1080P/60 frames of HD video data over a broadband-limited network without delay, we must first use a chip dedicated to processing video, and then reform and innovate the internal architecture and application algorithms of the transmission equipment. , to improve the compression ratio of the video encoding, so that the video data will not appear excessive delay in the transmission process, generally can be kept below 40ms.
5, on the impact of decoder performance: The so-called decoder generally refers to the decoder itself or the client used for decoding, if the client's host configuration. The quality of the decoder is easy to affect the video decoding speed. If the quality is not good, the video delay or card screen is very likely to occur. However, it should be noted here that sometimes in the process of decoding or encoding, in order to maintain the smoothness of the video, the system automatically adds buffer, which is also prone to some slight delay.
Your codec is not necessarily good, and the cheap codec is not necessarily bad. When choosing a codec, it is not based on the price level, but whether it is appropriate or not, you should choose a high-quality and matched version. The decoder is more conducive to the transmission of video data and reduces the delay.
For more professional knowledge about wireless monitoring, please pay attention to Tengyuan Zhituo. If you have any questions and needs in this regard, please consult our customer service staff, our customer service will provide you with detailed answers.

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