On February 2, the dragon looked up and started a new journey! —Case CX80C!

Today is the second day of the lunar calendar. It is the traditional "Dragon's Head" day. As a reflection of the farming culture in ancient China, the dragon looked up and showed the yang out of the ground. The spring thunder swayed, the rain increased, and everything grew. This begins.

There is a saying in the folks, "February 2, the dragon looks up, adults and children have to shave their heads." Today, "shaving the head" is also to be able to discuss a good color, which means a new beginning. Of course, for me, our engineering robots, Changing the excavator may be the real "dragon to look up" and usher in a new beginning.

Case CX80C

As is well known, the domestic common small digging models have 60 levels in addition to the 80 level. With the excellent working efficiency of these small excavators, the manpower is largely replaced, and the user's work habits are beginning to change. The demand for small equipment is changing. It is also expanding. Compared with the 60-level excavator, the 80-level excavator has more powerful power and more efficient work efficiency while achieving the lightness and flexibility of the 60-level excavator. Therefore, the 80-level is chosen to replace the 60-level digging. For more and more users to be more pragmatic choices, and Case is to meet the needs of customers, launched a most suitable 8T excavator for the Chinese market - CX80C.

Excavator demand data map

Powerful "Chinese core" cast the power!

The CX80C is able to have more power and better agility. The stronger power comes from a powerful Chinese "core". Unlike the 2179CC 4-cylinder diesel engine from Isuzu on the CX75, the CX80C uses a 4-cylinder diesel engine from Yanmar 3318CC. It is a larger engine displacement, with a rated power of 41.1kw and a super-torque of 228N.m at 1500r/min, providing the same level of power that is difficult to match.

Smart, no fear of any working conditions!

Excellent agility

Outstanding agility, from Case's constant innovation. As a new force in Case, the CX80C is a short-tail model in a strict sense. The 1750mm tail radius also allows it to be constructed in a narrower working position, finding a perfect balance between power and flexibility. , more efficient completion of construction work. At the same time, by enhancing the lifting performance of the boom and achieving a smoother loading, the Case CX80C has a significantly improved loading capacity. The 0.38m3 bucket achieves an unparalleled loading capacity of the same level of competing products. The lifting of the tooth and the bulldozer partially overlap, making it easier to dig the soil and stone without fear of any challenge.

Energy efficient, safe and comfortable go hand in hand!

The CX80C absorbs the technical advantages of the new C platform on the basis of the original, and the fuel utilization rate has reached a new height. The Case CX80C high-power turbocharged engine meets US EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage III A exhaust gas management standards, with electronically controlled regulators and EGR systems to further improve fuel efficiency, while further enhancing the PCS? hydraulic control system for precise control Let the operator control the arm, so that every drop of oil is used on the idea.

Comfortable cab

In terms of comfort, the Case CX80C uses the same cab as the medium and large equipment. It has a natural advantage in many small models. The larger cab gives the operator a wider view of the construction, not only The safety of the construction has been increased, and the pressure on the operator is also greatly reduced. At the same time, the CX80C also reinforces the cab, with a stronger cab frame and triple rigidity, which greatly enhances the rigidity of the cab and provides better performance for the operator in case of accidents such as rollover. protection of.

Our ancestors created the dragon and gave the dragon all the power to save the survival and hope.

A gentleman like a dragon, Case, who has a history of 177 years, has been deeply rooted in this soil since entering the Chinese market. He is a descendant of every dragon and inherits the spirit of the dragon, so that each user can provide higher Quality products and the most dedicated service are our mission, helping every Chinese son and daughter to rush to their own happy life.

On February 2, the dragon looked up and took the Chinese "core" to start a new journey.

This is the Case CX80C, your exclusive model.

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