What are the parts of an electrical fire monitoring system?

What are the parts of the electrical fire monitoring system and what are their respective roles? - Musician
The electrical fire monitoring system developed and produced by Beijing Lebird Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly composed of the electrical fire internet cloud, the centralized monitoring part, the signal acquisition and processing part, and the sensor part. How these components work together through their respective functions to complete this series of monitoring Alarm information storage and notification notification function? Here we give the answer:
Electrical fire internet cloud: The data of LN6 electrical fire monitoring system transmits data to cloud database through the form of network and passes the monitoring information of APP facts; centralized monitoring part: LN6H electrical fire monitoring equipment: it is the host of the system, centralized monitoring alarm; signal Acquisition and processing section: LN6A, LN6M, composite electrical fire monitoring detector: handles data sent back from LN6C, LN6K, LN6R, LN6T, LN6A fault arc detector, performs analysis alarm, and then sends data to LN6H via CAN bus; Part: LN6C, LN6K, LN6R, LN6T Electrical fire sensors: Connect to LN6A, LN6M to provide raw data.
Through the synergy of the above components, LN6 electrical fire monitoring system can achieve the following functions:
1. Alarm function: alarms for fault residual current, fault over-current, fault over-voltage, temperature, and fault arc.
2. Alarm setting: Residual current 55-1000mA step 1mA, temperature 55-150°C Step 1°C.
3. Alarm records: system read, save and automatic clear.
4. Fault alarm: response time <5s, fault alarm> 80db.
5. Historical records: alarm records, event records, fault records.
6. Print function: alarm records, fault records, etc.
7. Monitoring function: It can monitor the residual current, fault over-current, fault over-voltage, temperature, and fault arc of each power supply line of the system in real time.
8. Self-test function: The system automatically detects faults and regularly troubleshoots its own peripherals.
9. System connection: It can be connected with the fire control room graphic display device, fire automatic alarm equipment and distribution automation system.
10 Smart Analysis: Graphical display, report production, user management, distribution point remote control, and APP monitoring via internet.
11. Power function: The UPS of industrial control machine is equipped with power, and it has automatic switching between main and standby power.
12. Standardized interface: Universal professional interface, network connection with the total database.
13. Status indication: fault indicator, alarm status indication, silence indicator.
14. Communication function: LN6 detector to LN6H electrical fire monitoring equipment using CAN-bus, MODBUS-RTU protocol, LN6H electrical fire equipment to cloud server using internet.
15. Remote function: The LN6H can be monitored remotely via the mobile phone APP or PC software.
16. Data Analysis: The LN6H sends data to cloud data in real time, which can be analyzed through a large amount of data stored in the cloud data to get a better power security solution.

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